Hired Gun Solutions is the leading Infusionsoft Certified Partner that provides cutting edge long-term consulting and implementation for small businesses that require automation for sales and marketing. Unlike other Infusionsoft Certified Partners, HGS has created a simple and easy to use process specifically designed to save time, save money, and provide long lasting results with automation.

What is a Hired Gun?

noun informal

  1. an expert brought in to resolve complex problems or to lobby for a cause.
  2. a hired bodyguard, mercenary, assassin, or Infusionsoft Consultant.
  3. one with special knowledge or expertise, as in business or Infusionsoft, who is hired to resolve particularly difficult or complex problems.

Purpose: Provide small businesses with solutions to save time and make money.

Hired Gun Solutions was created by Ex-Infusionsoft Employee Kelsey Bratcher in September of 2013. I left Infusionsoft by choice to pursue my passion for entrepreneurship and to solve greater challenges that small businesses face. For over 5 years I have been providing solutions to Infusionsoft Customers as an Infusionsoft Consultant to automate and grow their businesses through sales and marketing. During that time I have worked with over 1,000 small businesses to buy, implement, and use Infusionsoft to grow. I have over 12,000 hours using the software as an Infusionsoft Consultant and working with small business owners. Joining the ranks of the elite few on the planet that truly understand how Infusionsoft works and the obstacles of small business. I have taken my knowledge and experience to share with the world and to solve your sales and marketing woes.

Infusionsoft is the core of Hired Gun Solutions. I provide consulting, coaching, training, and implementation of Infusionsoft and it’s vast library of plugins/add-ons to help you get the most return on investment. HGS focuses on Infusionsoft as a solution because in my heart, I believe it to be the BEST Sales and Marketing solution for small business bar none. I build systems for small business using Infusionsoft to automate and grow their business.

The Team so far…

Kelsey Bratcher
This is Hired Gun Solutions Boss, Kelsey Bratcher. He enjoys cheap upgrades to First Class.

Kelsey Bratcher – Boss

I am passionate about helping people solve the problems they have. I have a particular set of skills that are good for people like you. Specifically, using  and implementing complex and powerful software solutions to sell more stuff. I am happiest when I hear the relief, excitement, and joy that comes from the folks I work with. I love making people’s lives easier with the solutions I provide.

I spent years at Infusionsoft as the go to person or “King” solving the most difficult problems and customers. I tell it like it is and I’m a straight shooter. I have seen a number of amazing things through my time at Infusionsoft and I am grateful for my education. I read somewhere that it takes 12,000 hours to become and expert at something and I like to think that makes me an expert at Infusionsoft and helping small businesses grow.

To be humble, while I spent years helping people grow their business I am a brand new business owner myself. I have an ever growing understanding of the difficulty involved and I applaud you. Starting a business is the most difficult thing I have ever done and I am learning everyday. I seriously understand

Hobbies include: Spending time with my wife and kids, playing video games(PC games), tinkering with technology, and reading the books.

Core Values

While I was at Infusionsoft I learned that core values are a big deal. They make the difference between good employees and great employees. I knew that it would be critical to what I am doing with HGS so I created some that I live by and I will expect of anyone I hire or work with.

Honesty above all else
We solve problems
Gather, analyze, act
It is what it is
We grow together
Learn from our mistakes


To create solutions to help 1000 small business generate $1,000,000 in sales.

I am confident that over the time period I spent at Infusionsoft that I helped a lot of folks make more money and save time. The problem is I didn’t track it the way I had wanted or was I able too. Well good news, I’m starting from scratch to help small businesses generate $1,000,000,000(Yes, that is $1 Billion)  in sales. I realize the magnitude of this goal and that it may very well take the rest of my life to accomplish.

If you want work work with Hired Gun Solutions to grow your business, save time/energy, and most importantly make more money use the link below to get started.

Zapier Certified Expert