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Save Time Learning Infusionsoft

It can take years to learn and master Infusionsoft. Stop wasting time trying to figure out what to do. Learn exactly what works and what doesn’t. Skip ahead of the curve by discovering easy to implement campaigns.

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Save Money

You could spend thousands of dollars trying to use Infusionsoft. Between monthly subscriptions, hiring people, wasted time, and failed campaigns you could have invested back into your business. Learn how you can save money by following step by step instructions to build campaigns that actually work without chasing your tail.

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Grow Your Business

Discover how you can use Infusionsoft to grow your business. With over 12,000 hours invested into learning, understanding, and mastering Infusionsoft, we know the shortcuts that you can take to get an immediate impact on your business.

Simple Step By Step Process For Implementing Infusionsoft In Your Business.

Plan Your Next Move

Do you have a plan for how you will use or continue to use Infusionsoft? Learn how to plan out everything you need to do and how you are going to do it. From campaigns in the Campaign Builder, to all the settings, ecommerce, and sales processes you need to save time, money, and grow your business.

Planning to use Infusionsoft

Build Your Business With Infusionsoft

Building and configuring Infusionsoft to work with your business and not against it. Create a funnel for your business that you know works. Follow proven step by step instructions to create campaigns and processes that a guaranteed to work. Cut out all the confusion, save time, and money.

Deploy Infusionsoft Campaigns To Grow

Publish with confidence and know exactly how Infusionsoft is going to behave. You will be capturing leads, converting prospects into customers, and getting repeat business before you know it. Use rock solid strategies to getting the more out of Infusionsoft that you ever though possible.

Launch Campaigns With Infusionsoft

Keep Track Of What Is Happening In Your Business

Did you know that Infusionsoft has reports, a dashboard, and all kinds of goodies you can use to measure exactly how you are doing? Learn how to create reports that will show you precisely how well you, your business, and Infusionsoft is performing. Identify which lead sources bring in the best return on investment, know which sales people are performing, and how many customers you have with the click of a button.

Improve Your Business Constantly

Improving Infusionsoft is the promised land that most users never find. Once you can see exactly how well you are doing with Infusionsoft, you can easily go back and make changes, create promotions/special offers, or test new ideas on how to grow your business. You will learn exactly where you need to go to implement meaningful and powerful improvements. Continuous updates and tweaks are what makes the difference.

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Some Kind Words From Our Friends

I first purchased InfusionSoft to handle my lead distribution. We were getting approximately 75 new leads per week, both web form and phone calls, from our web site and we were a bit buried. The slick talking InfusionSoft sales guy assured me that InfusionSoft could handle do everything I wanted in a lead distribution system and then some. He lied.

After paying for InfusionSoft and learning that the sales guy had duped me I raised a ton of heck and was ultimately assigned to InfusionSoft’s “number one guy” Kelsey Bratcher.

Kelsey inherited a can of worms with me but he patiently heard me out and then figured out a way to hack InfusionSoft to do everything I wanted it to do. I now have a very sophisticated system that handles both phone call and web form leads, assigns the leads round robin style to my sales agents and basically forces them to do something with the leads. No more stagnant leads begging for attention.

And just as importantly, once a lead is qualified that lead automatically gets follow up emails from our system. With this follow up we literally convert leads that are 8, 9, 10 months old and older.

Kelsey got all this done for me and much more.

There’s no doubt that InfusionSoft is complicated and hardly user friendly, at least in this old guy’s opinion. But there is also no doubt that the system, in the right hands (in my case Kelsey’s) it can truly build your business and free up your time.

I am now all about systematizing, streamlining, measuring results and then tweaking the system to make improvements. Kelsey and I meet every single week and we make monumental advances almost every week.

We have come a very long way but I am super excited to see what we build over the next couple weeks not to mention the next couple of years.

I truly believe that with Kelsey’s help I will be absolutely crushing it within the next 12 to 18 months.

Do yourself a favor and try the guy out.

Will Daly

Broker/Developer Services, We Know Urban Realty

We are a canoe and kayak rental in southwest Wisconsin.  We’ve got a short season to generate the revenue we need to make it through the long winter and Infusionsoft and Kelsey have helped us maximize that short season.  I was an IS user for 2 years and not using much of what it’s capable of prior to hiring Kelsey.  With Kelsey’s experience, leadership and exposure to what IS is capable of we are seeing HUGE results in email open rates and responses to calls-to-action.  I had some great ideas for customer nurturing and Kelsey helped me put them into action.  We are now doing a much better job of capturing leads and nurturing them through the sales cycle.  We are also the only one in our region that is pushing out the amount of content we are which has also helped us stand out over our competitors.  Finally, understanding that my time is better spent securing new clients, being able to handover the technical side of IS to Kelsey frees me up to get other pressing issues taken care of and know the work he does is getting done right the first time!

My only regret is not finding Kelsey sooner so that we’d already have a couple years running of what he’s help us put together.  Kelsey is a true investment, not an expense!

Scott Teuber - WI and AZ

Owner, WI River Outings

I have been working with Kelsey Bratcher from Hired Gun Solutions over the past year and a half and since then, I have been able to TRIPLE my business due to Infusionsoft and with the help of HGS.

Being a house painter for 25 years, I had zero experience in business systems, nor did I know what a CRM was, what it was used for, and its benefits. But a business colleague of mine highly recommended it so I decided to sign up.Unfortunately, when the first ICC implemented my Infusionsoft system, I was even more clueless and confused than when I started with IS. I was seriously about to give up and cancel my membership.

And thats when I met Kelsey. Within 2 weeks of working with Kelsey he completely redid my campaigns, and more importantly, made it simple enough to use that even I, as an ‘old school’ house painter, could make sense of it. I’ll admit, prior to Infusionsoft I was an anti technology guy. Thanks to Kelsey, he tailored and made Infusionsoft so user friendly that even I could start implementing and seeing the benefits of the automation part. In turn, this motivated me to create appropriate content for my clients, and tailor it to how I wanted to communicate with them. This opened up an entire new world for me and I have to give Kelsey 100% of the credit here since he was patient with me and scaled it down into a simple, understandable system that even I could use and benefit from.

Brian Young - Toronto CA

Owner , Home Painters Toronto

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